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Author Debut - J.B. Pierce

The Will of Time

A month before his 16th birthday, Will Marshall faces an unimaginable future – find his sister, Madi – 150 years in the past.

Will’s harrowing journey begins the moment Madi secretly unearths an antique necklace on their grandparents’ farm and places it around her neck. Possessing a mysterious power, the necklace awakens a sinister man with a dark and daunting motive who craves revenge. He speaks of prophecy unbeknown to Will and bestows Madi with a gift: a magical camera. With a simple turn of a key and a press of a button, a gateway unlocks and funnels the siblings into the past.

Bound in time, Will encounters familiar faces from history and is confronted with cases of mistaken identities. Just when he discovers a way back home, the Civil War – the most brutal and bloody battle in American history – erupts, separating him from his sister. Trapped amid the unrest, Madi is kidnapped and held captive by the Nefarions: a subcultural faction with a personal vendetta toward the NEVES.

With the battle escalating and war among the NEVES and Nefarions brewing, Will fears the worst as Madi lies within the crossfire. Hidden truths are exposed. Impetus Existence begins to unfold. And time – for Will – becomes a reflection of his past.

The Will of Time
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