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The Will of Time: Behind the Scenes

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A word of THANKS for an inspiration . . . To Bradley and Madi: From the very first photoshoot of The Will of Time to the last, you both were there. You have molded the story into what it is today; the embodiment of selflessness, love, and courage one must have in our world of choice or lack thereof. You choose to walk beside me and give me your all, portraying your roles with a devotion of fortitude and fervor. You both are amazing individuals that I am honored to know. I can’t thank you enough; you will forever be my Will and Madi. To all my other models (Adam, Shelby, Connor, Kendall, Brandon, Kason, Gavin, Cayden, Kennedy, Rylie, Mike, Brooke, and Paige): You all were there, at every photo shoot, defining each character, their objective and part. You ran or jumped, laughed and cried on cue. And to your parents: you joined me in this writing adventure without a doubt. I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and friendship throughout the years. To Bethany Brown (my dear friend) and Jenn Davis (my little sister): What can I say . . . The photos you both took were stunning and telling . . . Amazing. Bethany, you were the lead, taking a chance, believing in me. You gave the story momentum with all the pictures you took – those long days – and encouraged a whole new window of opportunity for me, which contributed and opened a gateway of imagination. And Jenn (love you), from the plays in our backyard when we were little kids to where we are today, you brought your enthusiasm and charismatic humor. You made each photoshoot fun and enjoyable for all! You knew how to capture that perfect shot, illustrating the excitement and joy, pain and suffering of each and every character. Bethany and Jenn – your talents allowed the pictures to persuade the storyline. Thank you both for bringing The Will of Time to life. To Mike Sciullo and Shane Healy: The designs and projects you brought to the table place you both in a category all of its own. You listened to my creative needs and expanded them into exceptional products that exceeded my expectations. Your artistic professionalism is proven through the end results. Thank you for your time, hard work, kindness, and friendship.

Bradley, J.B.Pierce, Maddie
Bradley - Round Hill Park
1863 Day Dress Arrived!!
Kason: "The sun's too bright!"
Waiting for the perfect shot.
Kason's 1848 Costume
Don't make me laugh!
Time to pack up!
Son & Mom: Adam & Judy
Smile Bradley...
Bushy Beard...out!
J.B.Pierce & Boo! (the ghostwriter)
Okay, Bradley, stand there.
1848 Day Wear
Connor, Bradley, Kendall
Gavin - "How do I look?"
Kennedy's 1948 Dress
She's over there.
Okay. Stand just like this.
Looks good!
Don't anybody move.
Time to unpack...
Shelby & Boo! Say Cheese!!
Mom & Daughter - Renee & Maddie
Do you see it? It's in there...
I'm thinking if they...
The Moms: Heather & Judy
Hey Mike, what are you thinking?
Rylie & Maddie
Ready Kennedy? Selfie time!
Boo! & J.B.Pierce
Civil War Clothes Arrived!!
Very first photoshoot with Bethany.
J.B.Pierce & Shelby
Kason & Brooke
Rock on! Kendall & Cayden
How's the hair look?
Down the path & through the woods...
Brothers: Kason & Gavin
Boo! & Heather...
Say cheese!
Hmm, what do you think we should do?
Twins: Brandon & Bradley
Man, this is heavy!
Can I travel through time, too?
Okay boys, listen up...
Peek-a-Boo! Brooke
Yeah, Connor, he has a spell book...
J.B. Pierce - steampunk style
Trifecta...Brandon, Connor, Kendall
Come here pretty cow...
Alright. I quit...
Welp...Gotta go change...
What should I do again?
You made me laugh...
Meeting...of the minds?
I couldn't help it; it's too funny!
Woe is me...
Maddie & Rylie
Waiting for the next move...
J.B.Pierce & Adam
Hats off to you!
Let's fix this...
Shelby & J.B.Pierce - makeup time.
Ready? Group picture.
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