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Staying Evergreen

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Here you will find a place for comfort (food for thought) and inspiration (you got this), or to learn about plain 'ole me. I mean, hey, it's real, and it's life.

You will find my blog to be separated into three categories: Write on; Muse on (thoughts of inspiration), So, that's my life? (my life as a writer, a mother, a wife, and a teacher), and It Takes Two (the creation and evolution of "The Will of Time").


So, welcome aboard. I'm glad you could make it. Check back daily for updates and new stories or inspirations. 





Infinite Possibilities . . .

We all know that life is a continuous loop, a repeating circle (Thank you Elton John for your song, "The Circle of Life" from "The Lion King".)

And, sometimes we - myself included - get stuck in this loop, this circle; the mundane routine of getting up, going to work (or school), coming home, taking care of the kids or pets, cooking dinner, eating dinner, cleaning up after dinner, laundry, TV, going to bed . . .REPEAT.

Can I say, exhausting? Boring? Wandering around and around in this never-ending loop like robots. Over and over; day in and day out. Can't someone make it stop?

The answer . . . yes. And that someone is you.

You . . . can make it stop. You . . . have the power to transform your circle to a shape of infinite possibilities.

The only problem . . .

Do we have enough courage to take that first step?