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The Will of Time




The Will of Time

Two Worlds; Two Wars



Just finished reading The Will of Time and I absolutely loved it! From the beginning I was hooked wanting to know what happened next. This book is hard to put down. The characters are so personable. I felt like I was right there with them. No detail went unnoticed. The way you describe things is unlike anything I've ever read before. I can't wait for the next book! Thank you for letting me join the journey.


The whole novel has a cinematic feel. Things in the thoroughly fleshed-out, bucolic setting of Gettysburg quickly grow stranger and stranger, giving way to a stunning and sudden journey through time. I enjoyed the many careful and clever details that made Civil War Era Pennsylvania come to life and the many twists and turns the rapid plot took.

Once it begins, it does not let up.

Amanda Mitchell

"The Will of Time" is a great piece of historical fiction. The main characters seem to "time travel" back to the Battle of Gettysburg. The story continues to unfold in a suspenseful way that keeps you on the edge of your seat! There are many unexpected exciting events and the conclusion is a real surprise! Adults and middle schoolers alike will really enjoy this story! It's definitely a worth while read! Enjoy!

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J.B. Pierce grew up in McKeesport, a small mill town 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When she wasn’t dancing or singing, she was orchestrating cheesy haunted houses (that were never really scary) or setting up a backyard carnival with Bingo and Pick a Duck (yes, everyone was a winner). Entertaining was in her blood. She was always conjuring up something (even one-act plays), ready for the smallest of spectators – me, myself, and my make-believe audiences.

As she grew older, J.B. graduated from California University (of PA) with a bachelor’s in Elementary Education and continued her academic career by receiving her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Gannon University. Though the grass and sheets disappeared over time, she found a new stage and audience: eager and energetic 5th graders. With each reading and grammar lesson and through every moment of our American history she has shared, a new show emerged, and her imagination was sparked back to life – The Will of Time.


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