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Aug 21, 2018 

Josiah Miller rated it 5 STARS

it was amazing


I happened upon The Will of Time through a social media post and I'm extremely glad I did. The Will of Time follows Will and Madi's journey through time and their struggle to get back home. This is a Young Adult novel, but I found myself drifting back to my childhood when reading this and feel that any age would enjoy the story. Here are a few things that I believe the author did exceptionally well: 

YOU ARE A PART OF THE STORY - The author does a perfect job building the 
setting of Gettysburg during the Civil War. With the descriptions of the landscape, the outfits, the weapons, the structures, and even the dialogue, you will feel like you are a part of one of the most violent times in America's history, and you are glad to be there. 

SUSPENSE / TENSION - Pierce takes you on a suspenseful journey filled with intrigue that keeps you turning the pages. The characters struggle through conflict after conflict, keeping you cheering for them as they overcome their hurdles.

EMOTION - Though the novel is filled with action and suspense, you really FEEL the characters' joys, pains, heartache, and nostalgia. You will embrace the resilience of Will and Madi as they fight for their lives.

RESEARCH - It is very obvious that Pierce did her research when writing/planning the story. Although this is a Fantasy novel, it is very real in terms of actual events, people, and places. You will not be disappointed by the historical content found within the story. 

I highly recommend reading THE WILL OF TIME. I particularly believe that Middle Grades and High School students will find a tremendous amount of value in the story and characters, but THE WILL OF TIME has something for everyone! I look forward to the next book! (less)

What was once the future becomes a reflection of the past.

When fifteen-year-old Will Marshall’s sister, Madi, unknowingly unearths an antique necklace on their grandparents’ farm and places it around her neck, a harrowing adventure begins for the siblings that will change their lives – forever.

While attending the annual Independence Day Fair, a sinister man with a dark and daunting motive awakens and bestows Madi with a gift: a camera. Unbeknown to the siblings, it’s no ordinary camera. Working in tandem with the necklace, a gateway of time is unlocked, and Will and Madi are thrown on a historic journey . . . 150 years in the past.

Now, on a quest to find a way back home during one of the most brutal and bloody battles in American history – the Civil War, the siblings are torn apart. As Will dodges the bombardment of cannon and gunfire amid the fighting North and South, Madi finds herself in the midst of a subcultural war between the NEVES and the Nefarions.

With the war escalating and the storm among the NEVES and Nefarions brewing, Will is more determined than ever to find his sister.


Hidden truths are exposed. Impetus Existence begins to unfold. And time – for Will and Madi – becomes a reflection of their past.

“An exciting first novel that will captivate your imagination and take you on a whimsical adventure through time.”

Linda Carlson - Librarian

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